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Board of Directors & Instructors


Faramarz Rafie | C.E.O & Board of Director

Faramarz Rafie is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the field of aesthetic medicine and wellness. As the CEO, Senior Educational Administrator (SEA), and owner, and director of Vancoderm Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness, he brings more than 20 years of experience in medical aesthetics, research, and education to the Institute.

Faramarz has extensive experience as a medical science and aesthetic medicine lecturer, professional instructor [PTIB-approved and TAFE-NSW Australia Qualified Instructor], and Medical aesthetic researcher. He has trained over 1,000 students, including medical doctors, registered nurses, and cosmetic medical aestheticians, in a range of non-invasive, semi-invasive, and invasive procedures. He is also a qualified instructor and medical aesthetician, able to perform various medical aesthetic procedures.

Faramarz’s expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine, Injectables, and Laser Technologies extends beyond his teaching and practical skills. He has also provided consultation services to some of the most well-known cosmetic companies, helping them improve their products and services. Faramarz has also been involved in medical and aesthetic medicine research, with a particular focus on hair and skin stem cells and biobanking research in British Columbia, Canada. His articles have been published in Medical and cosmetic journals, and he has presented his findings at numerous medical aesthetic conferences internationally.

In addition to his impressive professional accomplishments, Faramarz has also been recognized for his contributions to the medical community. He has been bestowed with the honor of becoming a member of the World Family Physician Organization (WONCA), the Italian Society of Scalp Surgery (ISSS), and the Medical Council of Iran. He also received his “Training and Assessment” certificate from The Technical and Further Education (TAFE- NSW) Institute of Australia.

Overall, Faramarz Rafie’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in aesthetic medicine and wellness makes him a valuable asset to Vancoderm Academy Institute and the broader medical community.

*(Not registrant of the college)


Firouzeh Fathali | Board of Director

Firouzeh obtained her B.Sc and Master’s degree from IA University in Tehran, as well as a Master in Business Administration (MBA). She continued her studies in advanced medical aesthetic skincare, and laser programs in Paris, Nice, and Vancouver, and also completed her professional “Train the Trainer” program in France and Canada. With over five years of experience as an instructor for the beauty department of TAFE-Australia in Tehran and Nik-Sima International Academy in Dubai, Firouzeh has trained students in a range of advanced aesthetic machines, skincare treatment plans, facials, lifting, cosmetic cream prescription, and physical and chemical peeling, IPL, and laser technologies.

In addition to her impressive teaching and practical skills, Firouzeh has partnered with some of the most highly respected international cosmetic companies to train students in Dubai, Tehran, Paris, and Vancouver. Her expertise in the field of medical aesthetics, Laser, IPL, and skincare makes her an invaluable asset to Vancoderm Academy Institute, and her dedication to providing students with the highest quality education and training is reflected in the academy’s reputation for excellence.


Dr. Fatemeh Totounchian | Professional Medical Aesthetic Instructor

Dr. Fatemeh Totounchian is a family physician who graduated from UBC holding M.D. and CCFP degree and is a member of good standing with BCMA, CMA, and CPSBC. In addition, she is a certified Medical Acupuncturist. She has established her own office in Vancouver where she cares for more than 5,000 patients both cosmetically and medically. Helping patients reach their full potential is what led her practice to evolve to include both skin and aesthetic medicine. Her unique interest in cosmetics along with her extensive medical knowledge and skillset is what allows her to serve as a Medical and aesthetic physician.

With ten years of cosmetic medicine practice under her belt, Dr. Totounchian is well capable in her aesthetic practice. Dr. Totounchian was quick to respond to her patient’s demand for cosmetic procedures as she now works with dermal fillers, neuromodulator toxins (Botox, Dysport), laser treatments, cosmetic acupuncture, and mesotherapy. She keeps up with the constant change in the field of aesthetic medicine by attending international medical conferences, as well as upgrading her skills with the emergence of new technologies. In her own words, “I believe aesthetic medicine is an art. The goal of my art is to inspire you, the patient, to look and feel your best both inside and out.


Azita Moatamedi / Medical Aesthetic Instructor

Azita is a certified medical aesthetician, laser technician, a medical aesthetics instructor with years of experience. She has experience in education as a college instructor, She worked in spa industry as an Aesthetics instructor, Medical aesthetician, Manager, Supervisor, Esthetician, Nail technician, laser technician. She has exceptional leadership, communication, conflict resolution, organizations and teaching skills. Her passion to serve our students and customers had resulted into increasing higher students’ and customers’ satisfaction.

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