Study Permits/International Applicants

International Applicants

Vancoderm Academy is a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (D.L.I College) for Aesthetic Medicine, Medical Aesthetic Laser Technologies, and Wellness that attracts students from all over the world to pursue their academic and professional goals. As an international community of scholars, the academy provides a diverse and dynamic learning environment that fosters cross-cultural understanding and prepares students to thrive in a globalized world.

VANCODERM is a leading institution that offers cutting-edge education in the fields of beauty, health, and wellness. Located in North Vancouver a vibrant and multicultural city, Vancoderm Academy provides a dynamic and diverse learning environment that prepares students to succeed in the fast-growing and exciting fields of aesthetic medicine, laser technologies, and wellness.

Academic Programs:
Vancoderm Academy offers a range of academic programs in Aesthetic Medicine, Medical Aesthetic Laser Technologies, and Wellness. These programs include diploma courses, certificate courses, as well as continuing education courses for healthcare professionals.

Faculty and Staff:
The faculty and staff at Vancoderm Academy are experts in their fields and provide high-quality education to students. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Aesthetic Medicine, Laser Technologies, and Wellness, and are dedicated to helping students succeed in their careers.

Campus Facilities:
The campus at Vancoderm Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, advanced medical equipment, laser devices, and hands-on practice labs.

Diversity and Inclusion:
Vancoderm Academy is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their backgrounds. The academy embraces diversity and promotes a culture of respect, tolerance, and understanding.

Overall, Vancoderm Academy for Aesthetic Medicine, Laser Technologies, and Wellness provide an excellent opportunity for international students to gain a world-class education and develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the growing fields of beauty, health, and wellness.


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