Picosecond-Laser Platforms

Picosecond Laser Platforms for Tattoo Removing

Adding nanosecond Quality-Switched laser platforms to the treatment options of aesthetic medicine provides an optimistic hope for tattoo removal and dealing with benign hyperpigmentation, common Moles, and Melasma.

Nowadays, creating picosecond-laser platforms with the short pulse-width, high peak power and supplying 3 different wavelengths, removing the various colored tattoos, even recalcitrant tattoos, and the effective treatment of various hyperpigmented lesions in a short time with no downtime are possible.

Photoacoustic stress represents the principal mechanism of action for picosecond lasers. This stress happens when the laser pulse-width is remarkably short so the particle cannot expand rapidly enough, therefore leads to the accretion of pressure and splintering the particle. This is the key difference between picosecond lasers and induced photothermal stress by nanosecond lasers.

The bottom line is that picosecond lasers provide better results in the fewer sessions and associated with lesser side effects in comparison to nanosecond Quality- Switched lasers.

Faramarz Rafie M.D.

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