Radiofrequency (RF) Technology in Aesthetic Medicine!

What is Radiofrequency and Use of RF Technology in Aesthetic Medicine?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a electromagnetic radiation or current ranging from 3 KHZ to 300 GHZ. The aesthetic medicine spectrum has used the relatively narrow band from 200 KHZ to 40 GHZ. In fact, low or negligible reaction of nerves in comparison to lower frequencies. The tissue effects are mainly related to RF thermal energy. This thermal energy includes Ablation, Coagulation, Collagen contraction, and Tissue hyperthermia.

Radiofrequency systems have some common configurations like monopolar, bipolar, multipolar, and fractional. They are mostly used in Aesthetic Medicine technologies.
RF is usually used for body contouring, cellulite reduction; Skin rejuvenation, acne scars, and surgery.

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