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Skin Care Specialists Who Would Benefit from Getting Certified with Laser Training Programs

Empower Your Skin Care Career with Laser Training Programs

If you’re a skincare industry, you’re probably passionate about skincare because clear, glowing, healthy-looking skin makes people feel confident and ready to take on the world. Whether you’ve been in the industry for a while or are just starting out, you probably have a network of clients who you’ve established long-standing relationships with.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you would get from expanding your portfolio of skills by becoming laser-certified with Vancoderm’s laser training programs.


Many dermatologists are beginning to expand their practice by including laser treatments to their portfolio of services. We believe laser-certified dermatologists will see incredible benefits from extending their services to the laser. As your clients trust you with the health and transformation of their skin, they’ll feel safe having their laser treatments performed by the hands of a doctor.

They may have acne that is not responsive to the cream regimen you had them on, so laser may be the next option. They may have pigmentation, brown spots, sun damage or melasma that chemical peels just don’t seem to treat – after which you can implement some effective laser treatments for pigmentation!


Cosmetologists provide people with beautifying services for their skin, hair and nails. As a cosmetologist, getting certified with laser training programs can transform your business.

Maybe your client has acne that he or she is insecure about, you can offer them blue light therapy to help treat it. Maybe there are experiencing significant hair loss, for which there are many laser hair regrowth treatments they can try with your help.


Estheticians perform services like waxing, superficial peels, facials and various other body treatments on their clients. Taking your skills up a notch with Vancoderm’s laser training programs will allow you to not only increase your income but also provide a wider variety of services that your clients would otherwise have to find somewhere else, which could potentially cause you to lose them.

Instead of waxing, your client might opt to begin laser hair removal treatments. Instead of extractions and facials, your client might opt for non-surgical facelifts with laser or radiofrequency. The options are endless.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the laser training programs we offer and how you can get started. We can’t wait to have you join us!

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