Why Ultrasound & Skin Laser Treatments Are Superior to Surgical Procedures

The Advantages of Ultrasound & Skin Laser Treatments Over Surgical Procedures

When it comes to the worlds of plastic surgery, skin laser treatments and beauty aesthetics, there is an infinite variety of ways to achieve a sculpted, contoured, lifted or fresh-faced look, however, both are not created equal.

The Downfalls of Plastic Surgery

Most invasive plastic surgeries don’t age well. As the body ages, the area that was operated on can tend to not look in sync with the rest of the face or body. When one part gets fine-tuned, another must follow in order for the proportions and micro-measurements of the face to work in complete harmony.

They work against the body rather than with it, and essentially and with the ability to create drastic changes, you can’t be 100% sure that you will truly love the final outcome.

You are also putting your body under immense stress while under general anesthetic, as well as during the post-operative healing period. Your body must work to heal itself, settle into new positions and fight off potential infections.

The Advantages of Laser Treatments & Ultrasound-Based Treatments

Laser and ultrasound-based treatments, however, are completely natural, non-invasive and safe. They work with the body rather than against it, require minimal downtime and most create minimal pain and discomfort.

We like to call them green beauty treatments – the skin laser treatments that work with your body’s own physiology. For example, you can get a non-surgical facelift with just the power of ultrasound (radio-frequency), a skin-resurfacing treatment with advanced laser technology, and a body sculpting procedure that harnesses the power of light to shape your body the way you envision it. No risky surgeries, no pain, no anesthesia – just results.

These types of treatments offer gradual, yet powerful results, offering the advantage of being able to make adjustments and alterations along the way.

At the end of the day, everyone knows what’s best for their body. What’s important is that we treat our bodies with kindness, compassion and work towards maximizing our health daily. We?  Van all love to look good, of course, and laser and ultrasound procedures are a way to look good, naturally.

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