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Why It’s Beneficial for an Aesthetician to Get Certified Laser Technician Training

How Certified Laser Technician Training Can Boost Your Aesthetician Career

Extending your qualifications from an aesthetician to a laser technician with certified laser technician training at Vancoderm Academy can open up the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities in your professional career. It will maximize your versatility as an employee, and can help you expand your clientele.

Increase Your Income

Laser services are triple the price of regular beauty and aesthetician services. Since laser treatments usually require more than session for good results, you can offer your clients discounted packages. This will keep them coming back and help you build a loyal local client base.

Expand the Services You Offer

By offering more diverse treatments in the laser market, you increase your pool of potential customers and retain your current ones. You can pair aesthetician treatments with laser treatments to maximize your customers’ results and regularly offer promotions in relation to the season and certain holidays.

Set Yourself Apart

By becoming a certified laser technician, you are setting yourself apart from your competition, standing out from other applicants and giving you the upper hand when customers go to choose who they would like to perform their treatments – aesthetic or laser. This applies in situations where you are starting your own business or applying to work as an employee.

Vancoderm Academy will provide you with top-of-the-line training. Our approach is methodical and hands-on and our small classes ensure you get adequate time to practice, get real-life experience and have plenty of time to asks questions.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss our options, class schedules and the approach we utilize in certified laser technician training, get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to assist you and look forward to having you as a student!

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